Prize Vault Safe


The Vault prize safe makes it easy to attract large crowds to your arena, ball park, concert hall, store, dealership and any other venue.


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The Vault prize safe’s door opens with up to a 6 digit code easily set by the operator. A master code is also set for The Vault prize safe in case the current  code is lost. And a master key is included to manually open The Vault prize safe in the event of weak batteries for the digital door lock.

Use The Vault prize safe to draw large crowds to your sports park, dealership, store, restaurant or any other situation. Send out mass mailings with one carrying the secret code and invite people to come to your venue to open The Vault prize safe and win whats inside.

Draw a seat number between innings or during intermission to give attendees a chance to open The Vault prize safe and win.

The Vault prize safe gives you a tremendous edge in increasing attendance and revenue and a great value. Built with PromoQuip’s usual attention to detail and using the highest quality materials, The Vault prize safe is made to last a long time and look great doing it.

*Note: The Vault prize safe is not intended to be a security device for valuables such as cash, jewelry, guns, personal effects etc. While it is difficult to open without a passcode, please purchase an actual safe built for security purposes to protect your valuables in the long term.


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