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American DJ Penta Pix 5-head beam effect. #PEN613

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The American DJ Peta Pix 5 head LED light package for stunning events.

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American DJ Penta Pix 5 Head ACL BEam Effect

If you’re looking for a flexible and distinctive effect to add interest to a club lightshow, concert tour, trade show or any other event, American DJ the Penta Pix is what you want and need. It is powered by five, potent 15W 4-IN-1 RGBW LEDs which are mounted behind ACLs (Advanced Collimator Lens) to create razor sharp 6-degree beams. The inclusion of white within the LED source means that the fixture can create the classic ACL ‘white fingers of light’ look, while its RGB components mean that this effect can shoot to the next level by introducing rainbow colors and chasing patterns.

Not your typical fixture, the Penta Pix has a slim central unit with the five crystal clear lens assemblies attached to the front in a fixed fan pattern. This makes setup a breeze, as the lenses are perfectly positioned in an equally-spaced arc. Save a lot of time over conventional ACLs or pinspots because with the ADJ Penta Pix the beams will be positioned in a perfect fan shape as soon as you hang it.

Each of the five individual lenses can then be angled on its X-axis for more versatility to the Penta Pix effect. It’s easy to set each lens in a central position, to create a straightforward flat fan pattern, but it’s also possible to create other effects. For example – by tilting the first two lenses up and the last two lenses down – a sloping fan effect can be generated, perfect for flanking a stage setup. Alternatively, the lenses can all be set at different angles to create a random beam effect.

The fixture is fitted with a flexible scissor yoke which, when folded together, can be used to hang it from a truss or lighting stand at any angle. However, if the two sections of the yoke are folded out, they can also form a floor stand to allow the effect to sit at the back of a stage – or on a riser – pointing upwards.

Thanks to its LED light sources, the Penta Pix runs at extremely low temp, so it can be used constantly for as long as needed; all night if necessary! It’s efficient LEDs also mean that – despite its extremely bright output – it has a maximum power draw of just 77W, making it ideal for use in situations where an impact-full effect is required but the power supply is limited.

Equipped with five separate operational modes, the American DJ Penta Pix is suited to every conceivable situation where such effects are be employed. Its bright, Color Macro Mode allows any of its 63 pre-programmed colors to be quickly selected directly from its rear control panel, ideal for use as part of a static mood lighting setup. If you need to match a specific color scheme, the Penta Pix does it without an external controller. The RGBW Dimmer Mode allows the red, green, blue and white primary LED colors to be dimmed individually allowing the creation of any conceivable color hue.

The Penta Pix also makes a great stand-alone effect, using the convenient Auto Run Mode to cycle through 15 exciting pre-programmed light shows at a speed of your choice or Sound Active Mode to trigger the patterns to the beat of the music. For an even more monster effect, link multiple units together with XLR cables for Master/Slave operation, while the pre-programmed light shows run in synchronization across multiple fixtures.

Of course, in most situations, you’ll want to integrate the ADJ Penta Pix into a larger DMX-controlled lighting setup. For this, the unit offers a choice between basic 4-channel, intermediate 6-channel, and advanced 22-channel DMX modes. Using the full 22-channel option, individual RGBW color mixing is offered for each of the five beams, allowing for 5-zone pixel mapping effects.

To really amp up a lightshow, the American DJ Penta Pix offers intense variable speed strobe effects. With ‘flicker-free’ LED's, it's suitable for shows that are being filmed, and it offers five separate dimming curve options including one specifically designed for TV use.

Considering its powerful effect, the American DJ Penta Pix is a relatively light and compact unit. Measuring 21” x 11” x 10.25” / 530 x 280 x 260mm (LxWxH) and weighing 12 lbs. / 5.4 kg, it is easy to carry, rig, store and transport. It's a professional-grade fixture fitted with PowerCON input and output sockets. These connectors lock into place, ensuring that the power supply for the unit doesn’t accidentally get pulled out during a show or event. The inclusion of a power output socket also means that the power supply for multiple units can be daisy chained together, reducing the number of cable runs required for large shows. The fixture is also fitted with a 4-button LCD function display, 3-pin DMX In/Out, a safety hook for attaching safety cable and a scissor yoke enabling the unit to be hung on truss or pipe or set on the ground.

An innovative and unique fixture, the American DJ Penta Pix brings the classic ACL beam effect to state-of-the-art status thanks to its inclusion of RGBW LEDs with individual pixel control. Its fixed fan shape makes for quick setups, while its independent X-axis angling for each head allows a variety of different looks to be created. Its powerful and crisp beams will punch through ambient light to create real impact as part of a trade show, large scale lightshow, at a one-off event, on a tour or as part of a permanent installation.

The American DJ Penta Pix 5 head LED light package is ready to ship by PromoQuip. Call 866-538-3152 today.

UPC Code: 819730019769

Part # PEN613

American DJ Penta Pix features:

• New ACL (Advanced Collimator optic Lens) for razor sharp 6-degree beams
• 5-Zone Pixel Control
• 15 exciting built-in Lightshows with sound active control
• Runs extremely cool! - NO Duty Cycles! – Run all night!
• 5 selectable Dimmer Curves  
• Includes scissor yoke + safety hook on rear panel
• 4-Button DMX LED Display

• 5x 15-Watt 4-in-1 RGBW Quad LEDs
• Refresh Rate: 3.6KHz
• 5 Operational modes: Sound Active, Auto Run, RGBW Dimmer Mode, Color Macro Mode, & DMX Control
• 63 Preset Color Macros
• 5 DMX Channel modes: 4/8/11/20/27 DMX channels
• 3-Pin DMX In/Out connections
• Strobe speed (Controlled via DMX)
• 0-100% electronic dimming (Controlled via DMX)
• Power Consumption: 77W maximum
• AC Connection: PowerCON IN/OUT; Daisy chain power
• Multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 21” x 11” x 10.25” / 530 x 280 x 260mm
• Weight: 12 lbs. / 5.4 kg.

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